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Version 6 DVD Secure Pre-Order Form

Please choose one of the following options:

All available documents:
DVD Set: $30 Version 6 - approximately 1000 documents on two DVDs

Upgrade from a previous full set:
DVD Upgrade Set: $12. Upgrades version 2.x, 3.x, 4.x and 5.x DVDs and CD sets with new DVDs.

The following shipping & handling will be added:
$3 to US, Canada and Mexico, or $5 to other addresses.

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Please use a credit card that won't expire before August 2007! Your card will not be charged until Version 6 is ready to ship. This will not be until mid 2007 - most likely July.

The name and shipping address above must match the credit card's billing address. Names, addresses, and email addresses will not be sold or shared.
After pressing "Order", it may take up to 2 minutes to process your order. Please do not close your browser, press Stop or browse to another page until you see the "Thank you" page. Please double check all items above for accuracy before submitting your order.

This version is not yet finished. It is expected to start shipping in mid 2007.

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