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This website is designed to make it quick and easy for the boating public to reach licensed Captains, Launch Operators and Crew who can provide training, charters, deliveries, launch services, or relocation assistance. By registering on-line, our interactive database will produce a brief profile and your resume, both of which will be immediately available to interested boaters.


We are seeking qualified, licensed Captains to provide "on the water" training for new boat owners and, for current owners who have recently upgraded to larger vessels. We also are seeking Captains capable of providing training on any variety of electronic aids to navigation. Over the past several years the demand for this "on the water" training has grown so large that additional Captains are needed to provide this service. If you believe you can effectively communicate the techniques of boat handling, docking and maneuvering, use of electronic aids to navigation or other related activities to a new boat owner, or to someone who has recently purchased a larger vessel, we encourage you to register. Training is generally performed on board the owner's vessel, however, you may choose to provide training on board your own vessel.


Many of you have your own websites and distribution channels for your brochures, but we are offering you another method for putting your name if front of thousands of interested boaters, anglers, business parties, and special events (such as weddings and burials at sea). This website provides you the opportunity to offer your services for chartering, as well as training, deliveries, relocations, and other marine related activities.

Deliveries and Relocations

Whether you are capable of handling one type of boat or any type of boat, you might consider hiring yourself out as a Licensed Captain to move boats for their owners. This may include personal boat owners or, dealers who need boats transported to new owners, or dealers who need boats transported between boat shows.

Captain to run the owner's boat

We receive requests throughout the year from boat owners searching for Licensed Captains to run their boats. In some instances the owner wants a Captain for just one day to take family members and guests out. Other requests have included a search for Captains to run the owner's boat for the season. When you decide to register, you will be given the option of indicating that you would like to perform this type of service.

Launch Operators

If you area a licenced Launch Operator seeking employment by marinas and other establishments, sign-up!

Boat Crew

If you have experience in working on a boat, we urge you to join Call A Captain to showcase your experience and allow Captains to contact you.

How the Registration Process Works

To continue, you will be asked to create your own account on-line. You will need a credit card number, and you will assign your own password. Your credit card will be charged a $25 US one-time set up fee. You will be asked to decide the number of days that you would like your registration and resume to remain active. Activation begins immediately.

Period [Days] Captains Launch Operators Boat Crew
 90 $ 75 $ 50 $ 50
180 $140 $ 100$ 100
270 $205 $ 150$ 150
360 $270 $ 200$ 200

Ten days prior to the expiration date, a reminder notice will be sent via email to you. If you decide to continue your active registration, you will need to log in to and simply enter your credit card number and choose the number of days that you wish to continue.

If you do not respond within the ten days, your registration and resume will be suspended. To register after the expiration date has elapsed, your credit card will be charged a $25 US renewal fee along with the rate as defined by the number of days you select.

If you prefer not to pay on-line, please use the MAIL-IN SIGN-UP FORM

Note: all set up fees, registration fees, and renewal fees will be non-refundable.

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